Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Movies: Multiple Organisms

In case you haven't heard, a mother in Atlanta recently had a wonderful VBAC of triplets! Doulamomma reports:
The details are just coming out about this VBAC but apparently the woman had her triplets in a hospital attended by Dr. Tate. I am assuming she went natural, as in unmedicated, as that’s generally the way with a VBAC with Dr. Tate. From what I am reading so far, the first two babies were head down and the third was footling breech. Here are the babies stats according to the ICAN of Atlanta chapter posting.
3 girls, all vaginal, all Apgar 8/9.

A= 4# 6oz, 18.25in @ 10:24pm, vertex.
B= 6# 4oz, 18.25in @ 10:37pm, vertex.
c= 3# 11oz, 16.5in @ 10:39pm, double footling breech extraction.

All three babies are successfully breastfeeding as well.

What an amazing day for this mother, her family, Dr. Tate and the VBAC world as a whole!
Yes, yes, yes!

Great Apgars, all breastfeeding, with a fantastic doctor? I say THREE CHEERS are in order! (Ms. Unnecesarean resisted, but I shan't.)

In honor of this blessed event, I present this:

Congratulations to ALL these mamas!


  1. YAY! I am in the Ican group she is, she makes me that much more determined to get my vaginal twin birth!

  2. Am I the only who read "Weekend Movies: Multiple Orgasms"? :D

  3. Loved the video!
    And, um, I totally read "orgasms" at first too. :-)
    This is unrelated, but I had a question. I'm pregnant with my third, planning my first natural birth. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on. My husband is super supportive and reads whatever I ask him to. I'm thinking of having my two sisters, who are my best friends, in the room with me as part of my labor support team. The only problem is, it's not like my husband or either of my single sisters has experienced a natural labor either, so I don't know how to prepare them to help. Are there books/videos/websites you'd recommend to help them prepare for the experience, possibly with some suggestions of things they can do to help? Thanks!

  4. So, so amazing! Mamas who beat the odds like this just fill me with inspiration. If only the system didn't put so many obstacles in their path.

  5. I'm glad some people got my clumsy innuendo/pun type thing, heh.

    Hilary, I started writing back to you and then thought it deserved its own post, if ya don't mind. Look for it tomorrow (toddler willing).

    Amber, isn't it though? They just blow me away.