Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breastfeeding Laws, State by State. All of 'Em!

I just have to share this fantastic resource far and wide. Here it is, a comprehensive, state-by-state listing of all the breastfeeding laws on the books. If you have a nursling or are pregnant, look up the laws for your state, and consider printing it out to carry in your purse, just in case. Pass it on to anyone you know who has a baby or is pregnant! Bookmark it for future reference when traveling, too.

You'll see that most of the laws deal with protecting a mother's right to nurse publicly (also known as a baby's right to EAT). Some states also have specific laws regarding providing for pumping breaks and adequate facilities in the workplace, and some address exempting nursing mothers from jury duty. Note that in NO state is nursing in public prohibited in any way, but there are three places that don't have any specific protective laws on the books. Everybody give dirty looks to American Samoa, West Virginia, and Guam.

Thanks to Colleen from Thoughts from a Doula for the link!


  1. When I had either my 3rd. or 4th. baby, the lactation consultant at the hospital and the one at my pediatrician's office gave me this little card. On the card it stated the exact wording regarding a woman's right in our state to breastfeed anywhere she is allowed to be. I thought it was pretty cool. I carried it around with me in my wallet, just in case ; )

  2. As an Illinoisan, apparently I can whip out my booby whenever I feel like it.
    I sort of already knew that, though, because I've been to Cubs games.


  3. California doesn't seem too shabby! Hooray for another excuse to get out of jury duty!