Monday, October 17, 2011

Beyond Reckless

I must express regrets that I'm too wrapped up in both studying for my Oregon massage therapy licensure exam and Boob School homework to address this properly in my own wordstuffs, but lucky for me, Barbara Herrera (Navelgazing Midwife) took the words right out of my brain.

I posted a link to this important post about the Lisa Barrett debacle by 10 Centimeters on my Facebook page. In the thread that ensued, a sarcastic comment to the effect of "I'm soooo glad you all know what's best and have decided to control every mother's birth" was posted. And Barb's reply, well, warranted me lifting it almost in its entirety, in the interest of me shouting it from the rooftops.
The reality is FOUR BABIES DIED in her care. That is not disputed by anyone. No verdict needs to be given by anyone. That is a FACT. FOUR. And TWO within a very short time. These are babies that DIED. Gone. Forever. That their mothers will never breastfeed, but will feel their breasts swell trying to sustain the babies that are gone. Buried. Or cremated.

Midwives do not lose babies like this without being beyond reckless. Taking the cases she's taken... and bragged about... is vile beyond anything anyone supporting homebirth could imagine.

Hollering about a women's rights in birth is one thing, but doesn't ANYONE have a responsibility to see that everyone comes out alive and healthy? Why HAVE a midwife if you want to do anything and everything? Midwives like Lisa make homebirth look like the stupidest thing a woman could ever want to do -and that simply is not so.

Homebirth NEEDS parameters in order to be safe. Every woman is NOT a candidate for a homebirth. And until the hollering masses like you lose babies yourselves at the hands of these horrid midwives, you're likely to continue being the sheeple you profess to not be. Instead of sheeple towards the medical way, you're sheeple thinking you can "Trust Birth" no matter what.

But, you'll be wrong. Just ask the moms of those babies that died because of Lisa Barrett.
Testify, Barb. Amen.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tangled: Disney gets a little crunchy.

Did you ever notice that in the Disney version of Rapunzel (I have a 3 year old kid; seeing it was inevitable, and actually somewhat enjoyable despite my grmph-ing), Rapunzel's mom has a birth complication that is treated botanically, saving both her and the baby princess? It's true. With a special flower that imparts the essence of the sun. Skip ahead to about :50 in the opening:

I wonder if she ate the royal placenta? Maybe that's in the DVD extras.