Saturday, January 2, 2010

Weekend Movie: Taye Diggs, his "Warrior" . . .

. . . and the emergence of his "Inner Gangster".

This is actually from back in October, but if you haven't seen these clips, I thought they were well worth sharing, since we were discussing fathers and doulas just the other day. Here, Taye Diggs discusses the recent birth of his son on Jimmy Kimmel. I just love how amazed and reverent and loving he sounds about the whole experience. He even discusses placenta encapsulation! (Or, as Kimmel hilariously calls the placenta, "the big gross follow-up baby".)

Side note: NOW I remember where I learned that they use cream cheese for vernix on in TV births! I was racking my brain on that one the other day. Also note: Taye and Jimmy were confused as to the origin of the word "doula". It's actually adopted from the Greek, meaning, simply, "woman who serves".

And a similar, shorter appearance on Ellen. (When he refers to a "midwife lady", he actually means the doula, it was just a slip.)

I think he deserves major credit for talking about all this openly, and also for managing to do it with humor but WITHOUT resorting to a lot of the lazy, hackneyed, husband-disgusted-by-childbirth cliches we've all come to take for granted in the media over the years. Congrats again, Taye and Idina. Hope little Walker is doing stupendously!

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