Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tomorrow! And a response to the latest Code Mec.

I thought this day would never arrive - but here it is, only a day away! My three day DONA training workshop, part of my certification as a postpartum doula, starts TOMORROW!

I'm so stoked . . . and also a little worried, as I'll be away from Lily for over TWELVE HOURS each day. The most I've ever left her for was 6 hours, just this week (while working with my first client - I know, a little backasswards, but I gotta be me). She did okay, but 12 is a looooooong time. I'll be leaving before she wakes, which could be tough on her, and then there's naptime, which is always started with nursing. But I know her daddy will dote on her and keep her fed and hydrated. I was also reassured today, while at the aforementioned client's house (more on that later), to find that I can still pump 4 ounces of milk in about 5 minutes. *snap* So at least my supply isn't threatened.

Anyway, I'll see you next week. In the meantime, in case you haven't seen it, Navelgazing Midwife's latest post is a masterful parody of the CODE MEC article recently put out by Medscape.

And here's some eye candy.


  1. I am having anxiety about the same thing in December when I do my Bradley Instructor training! I've never been away from my son for more than 3 hours and the training goes from 8 am - 10 pm two of the 4 days! But on the plus side, my husband can bring him to me to nurse and I get two 1.5 breaks for lunch and dinner. So at least I'll get to see him a bit throughout the day.

    You're in my prayers!

  2. You're gonna do so great! Congrats!

  3. Thank you both!

    Day one was a blast. It absolutely flew by - and both Lily and I did better being separated than I thought we would. I am so proud of her! (But wait, what if she doesn't need me at all anymore?! *sniff*)

    Onward and upward, gotta get up at 6 again, so what the heck am I doing here? Ta.