Monday, October 12, 2009

All I can think is "Annie, Annie, are you okay?"

Remember that SimONE Birthing Simulator I was grumbling about a few weeks back? The one that was just a torso, pelvis and a couple of amputated stumps for legs? Thought that was creepy, did ya?

Good news! Or not? From the Discovery Channel:

Eventually "Noelle" will turn on some hapless resident, oh yes, she will . . .

(Thanks to Passion for Birth. As she said, "No voice, on her back, how many infractions can you see of the Healthy Birth Practices? The non-evidenced based practices keep on rolling...")


  1. Oh man. The sad thing was how similar this really was to a hospital birth in terms of treating someone like a robot. "OK, you're dilated so push next time. We'll lift your legs." Even that extra little touch of having an oxygen mask and IV in the low-intervention births happening there.

  2. Great. A whole new generation of doctors and nurses being trained to lay a woman flat on her back, open her legs, and push her knees up to her ears. Why not use a simulator to learn how to "catch" when a woman is in ALTERNATE birthing positions? Duh.

  3. Right. It's LESS about "Simone" and "Noelle" in & of themselves, and more about the fact that it'd the same old tired non-evidence-based assumptions and lazy habits, just reinforced by shiny new technology.

  4. the "script" he basically goes through "you're going to feel some pressure", "you're doin' great" really creeps me out, maybe more than the simulator itself - at least she has legs and a face this time around.

  5. On one hand I say good to have something for practice without the threat of harm. On the other, much bigger hand, I think great, they can learn even less about a real person and what to do to support them and make them comfortable and likely cause more harm down the road.