Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Movie: "Where's My Midwife?" . . . . and the power of STAYING PISSED.

In light of the recent situation with Dr. Wonderful, this is the perfect time to share this story of how one community rallied around a group of CNMs in North Carolina who were similarly abruptly and unceremoniously dismissed, leaving near-term mothers without care. Take heart, San Diegans! They persevered. And eventually prevailed.

"Where's My Midwife?" from Kirsti Kreutzer on Vimeo.

A key that a woman named Candice mentions, starting at about 4:50. KEEPING PISSED. I do believe that this is crucial. I often see people, and women in particular, shying away from expressing anger. I feel in my heart of hearts that in many cases this is a mistake. There's a difference between destructive, unhealthy, misguided anger and healthy, focused, centered, grounded and yes, constructive anger. I think Candice is absolutely, positively, 100% right, and I think that this was an essential part of the eventual success of this grassroots action.

Stay pissed, San Diego. Don't get sad and wistful about this. Stay pissed. We're with you.

P.S. Here's one news station's coverage of Friday's Bring Biter Back rally. (It should open for you if you have Facebook, I think.) Nice close by the anchor, too.

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