Saturday, May 29, 2010


Back in town and torn between raring-to-go-on and bogged-down-by a jillion projects, all of which are exciting and important and I wish I could devote myself full-time to each one. I'll just have to keep staying up late after Lily crashes for the night (and she's a night owl like me as it is).

Before I resume blogging on a some more serious-like stuff, I thought I'd share with you a friendly slice of topical cake or two. First, courtesy Cake Wrecks:

Not tantalizing enough? Here's another view:

And even more on-typical-topic, a birth cake. Remember these? Via Lamebook, someone just upped the ante:

Further commentary would just cheapen it. I shall say no more.


  1. Thank you so much I laughed so hard I almost wet myself :)

  2. OK, the baby cake is beyond disturbing. Cutting into a baby? Ick, on so many levels. And it the laboring mother made out of red velvet? Yum and yuck.

  3. Seriously dude - seriously - WHO wants to cut into a baby?!?

    One of my friends and ICAN moms asked me to make her a birthing vagina cake if she got her VBAC. She didn't get her VBAC, so I didn't get to make that cake. One of my doula friends also joked about a birthing vagina cake, but she's never had the ovaries to follow through on that request.

    I figure it's only a matter of time before I'm baking a baby into an abdomen made of cake :)

  4. That baby cake is creepy, but the birthing Mama cake is pretty cool!

  5. Gina, I cannot wait to see. And someday I WILL solicit a placenta cake from you. Complete with edible umbilical cord! (Did you know that's one theory of where the whole "birthday cake" concept allegedly came from? A commemoration of the placenta! The word itself is Latin for . . . CAKE!)

    That kind of sums me up in a nutshell, actually - that a placenta cake would be my birthday dream come true. Do I need therapy?

    Jamie, I think I'd have more appreciation of the birthing mama cake if her face was more "Hooray, my baby!" or even "Damn, that stings!" instead of "How's my impression of a blow-up doll?" I can forgive the lack of feet and hands - that's pretty advanced stuff.

  6. Did I jut lose ya forever, Emily? :O)