Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday


Every time I round a corner these days, I swear I see something like this. I know I should be savoring these days, as she'll soon be asking for keys to the hovercraft, but SHEESH. Toddlerhood gives me agita.


  1. GLASS TOP TABLE?!? Mein Gott, how has it survived?? We had a glass top coffee table for about...a week.

  2. Haaa haa ha... Awesome. Jules is 17.5 months and I just had to go buy a swing gate to close off our dining room because every time I turned around the child would be standing atop the dang dining room table. He's quick too. It would only take about 5-10 seconds.

    These kids are trying to kill me.

  3. Well, the hand-me-down glass table is all we got. And it's a dining table, to be clear - she's way up there! I catch her dancing on it too.

    Gina, Jules and Lily would be unstoppable together.

  4. My entire photo album needs a modesty patch. I am the only one around here that wears pants.

    My little one has been a climber since before she could walk. Add her to your list of Mt. Everest climbing babies.