Sunday, November 15, 2009

HALP. Book recommendations for dads?

A newly pregnant mom just asked me for, like, the ONE book recommendation I cannot make. Seriously, when it comes to bellies, birth, babies, and boobs, I have shelves upon shelves of book recommendations. But one topic eludes me: the best book for new dads-to-be. I've checked out a few, like She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Breakdown, The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion, and The Expectant Father, and I gotta say, I have yet to be blown away.

Help me out, readers! Any really good ones hiding out there? I'd prefer it to be at least slightly crunchy, or at least OPEN to natural birth options, pro-breastfeeding, and maybe, just maybe, something that doesn't get bogged down in lazy, tired old aren't-the differences-between-genders-hilarious and isn't-birth-freakish-and-terrifying attempts at humor. (I know I probably can't have it all.)


  1. I really like "The Baby Owner's Manual" (Borgenicht) although it's not exactly crunchy, and deals with baby rather than pregnancy. I think it's quick and to-the-point for guys. There are also ones for Pregnancy and Toddlers, but the pregnancy one is more mommy-centred with "tips for dads."

  2. The Birth Partner Book seems to be a good one...although I have to admit I haven't read it, my husband is currently reading it to prepare for the birth of our first baby, and he's really enjoying it!

  3. Thanks Laurie! I actually have "The Baby Owner's Manual" and LOVE it! It actually has a lot of really good info, and I think the format is a riot to boot. BUT, the daddy is having a hard time understanding the hormonal roller coaster that is the first trimester, and she definitely needs something that is pregnancy-centered.

    Amy, would you believe I do NOT have "The Birth Partner"? D'OH! We borrowed it from my midwife way back when I was pregnant, but we eventually returned it. As I recall, as much as it rocked, it only dealt with the last few weeks of pregnancy, and again, she needs something that really deals with the whole shebang.

    I was really hoping to win a copy of it during Unnecesarean's recent Anti-Doula Sign Photoshop Contest, but no dice. :o)

  4. You know, I love all the stuff Dr. Sears writes to husbands. Because he's a dad and all that business. :) The name of the greeeaaaat big one is escaping me right now but I remember being really impressed with the "for dad-to-be" section.

  5. Good point, Laura. I didn't start to read their books until Bridget was here, but I bet that's The Pregnancy Book. Their books definitely have the whole family in mind and are open minded and balanced.