Monday, September 7, 2009

What better way to celebrate Labor Day . . .

. . . than by slicing off a nice big piece of a c-section cake? Complete with sterile draping, courtesy Cake Wrecks:

I've seen some (bizarre and unappetizing) belly and baby cakes for baby showers and the like before, pretty much all of them at Cake Wrecks as well . . .

. . . but this one takes the, well, you know. As one of the commenters observed, what's left but an episiotomy cake, with licorice stitching?

Apologies if anyone's lunch was totally ruined by this. But how could I not share?

Bon appetit.


  1. I love that the anti-abortion cake has Louis Vuitton logos all over it. Where is the connection?

  2. I think I will stick with good old-fashioned cheescake. Cherries on top are as fancy as I need to get :)

  3. Oh wow. I'm stunned. People sure can be incredibly creative. Some of these are clever, while others are just scary!

  4. Donna, that wasn't anti-abortion. It was, "No wire hangers!!" and the Mommy Dearest reference in writing. :)

    It took me a minute too.

  5. Ha, that Mommy Dearest cake is one of the most cryptic things, ain't it? I totally get it now, but I admit that when I first saw it, I thought it was an abortion reference too. Although, it would be a pro-choice statement, not an anti-abortion one, right? As in "no more back alley abortions"? But then, pairing it with a baby seemed even odder . . .

    Yeah, I think I'll have some cheesecake instead, too.

  6. The cesarean cake offends me both as a professional baker and as a cesarean awareness advocate. Ick.

    However, I'll probably end up on Cake Wrecks when I do the "birthing vagina" cake for one of my doula friends. When she passes her final exam, she wants a cake that looks like a vagina with a baby coming out of it -- in red velvet. I know.. it will be a monstrosity, but I hilarious, completely relevent monstrosity, and exactly what she wants.

    Can't wait!

  7. Please, please promise me you'll share a picture with me!!!