Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I almost titled this "Brianstorming". Sorry "Brian", whoever you might be.

Okay, I seriously need to come up with a name for my practice so I can at least get started with some flyers and business cards, perhaps set up a separate website where services and fees are explained, etc. Sooo, after some initial brainstorming, I have a few finalists.

AfterBirth (again, either great or horrifying, right?)

Postpartum Pampering and/or
Postpartum Pantry (too wordy?)

Birth to Babymoon (overdone, I fear)

Mamarama (a little sass could be a good thing)

I'm kind of leaning towards Mamarama because it's catchy and open-ended - I could keep the same name once I add labor support into the mix in a year or two. Or . . . I could just go with Dou-la-la? And for either one of those two, maybe have a more descriptive "tagline" after the name in printed materials, like "Postpartum Pampering & Pantry Provider"? (I'm a sucker for alliteration.)

I dunno. Maybe I should just be straightforward: Anne Tegtmeier, Postpartum Doula, LLC? But, pretty darned blah.

Your thoughts? Any and all are appreciated!


  1. I kind of like Dou-la-la, actually. It's catchy and memorable and kind of whimsical. But failing that I also like Mamarama.

  2. I like both Mamarama and Dou-la-la! (With Dou-la-la, as long as you're happy to have your blog and your business associated).

    AfterBirth strikes my fancy, but I am known for loving the great-but-horrifying :-) Some people probably wouldn't even get it, which would make it even funnier.

  3. I like Dou -la- la too. Very cute, but not everyone knows about doulas. I kind of like After Birth. ;)

  4. Thanks for the feedback, y'all! I'm vacillating between Mamarama and Dou-la-la at this point.

    DECISIONS! Oh, tarnation.

  5. Okay I am know I am two weeks late... while working on my business website I have been completely negleting my blog reading and posting :-( anyhoo by now you may have made a decision but just wanted you to have my 6 cents... when you commented on one of my post a few weeks back I immediately fell in love with Dou-la-la. That's my vote! Have you made a decision yet?

  6. Actually, I'm pretty much leaning towards exactly that! The one other name I thought of and likes was "4th Trimester", but a) it's limited to postpartum, and I want it to cover birth eventually as well, and b) I looked, and it's actually trademarked already, whereas Dou-la-la is not! Soooo, I pretty much think I'm going with that, probably with the official subheader of "Birth and Postpartum Doula Support" (adding the "birth" part in later).

    Thanks to all for your feedback!