Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The KIT Project: Help make this a reality.

I've mentioned Jennifer before, the lactation consultant who worked miracles with Lily and I. What makes her so wonderful is not just that her knowledge of breastfeeding is absolutely encyclopedic and second to none (which it is), but that she also sees beyond the symptoms, looking deeply and tirelessly into the underlying source of whatever dysfunction the dyad is expressing at the breast. It is truly holistic lactation support.

I do believe she represents the best future of lactation consultants, and should become even more of a leading voice in the community than she already is - and yet there is a whole other dimension to her life work, which includes educating parents on holistic health. Fortunately for us, she has developed a "Kit" which includes everything a parent needs to begin supporting their family's health naturally and, again, holistically.

Check out this great detailed post about the incredibly valuable content, and see what some of the parents who have benefited have to say, such as:

“…The kit has empowered me; I feel confident that I can care for my family’s health and well-being using this arsenal of knowledge Jen has given me. Before I had the kit, when my children were sick I would feel helpless to ease their symptoms and help their bodies heal, but now I have tools at my fingertips to help them to feel better and recover quickly. I highly recommend this kit, and I highly recommend Jennifer.” -- Kate Cordick-Burns Heiser, CT, USA

In order to launch this product for greater availability, some up-front investment needs to happen - but as with so many worthy projects, if everyone who encounters this gives just a little, we can make this a reality. And this NEEDS to become a reality. (I badly want this kit myself!)

So please click the IndieGoGo link above, check it out, and consider contributing! Make it so.

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