Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Movie: Formula for Disaster

Have you seen this short but potent documentary on formula marketing in the Phillipines? It's available on YouTube in its entirety in 5 short segments. A great illustration of the coercive power of marketing, and why the WHO Code is so incredibly important.

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  1. i am from the philippines and i get disappointed everytime i see this film. strategy of formula milk companies here now is to ask celebrities to endorse toddler formula milk. advertising of formula milk for 0-12mos. is strictly prohibited so they go to the other market segments. sadly, these celebrities see nothing wrong with breastfeeding their own babies and endorsing milk companies. they will say i know breastfeeding is best so i breastfeed my baby and besides the milk i endorse is for older kids so no conflict there. gaack!

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    Thank you!