Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolved for 2011

A few posts a-brewing, as always, but today feels like I ought to post something either more reflective or more forward-looking. I think forward-looking wins out!

One of my 2011 resolutions is to use social media more effectively. YES REALLY. So in light of that, I finally got around to creating a Facebook fan-page-type-thing. See over yonder in the left sidebar? ---->

Not much content up there at the moment, but that'll gradually change. Along with connecting me to y'all more directly, it'll make it a little easier to segregate the things I share from my 'real-life' Facebook friends who have little to no interest in all this stuff (there are a few, strangely, I know).

So take a second to "like" me, pretty please, and I'll have a whole slew of new fun for you in the New Year. It might even involve my own boobs. (It's not what you think.) (No, not even YOU.)

Here's to onward and upward, and cheers to you all! See you on the flipside.

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