Friday, July 9, 2010

What do Girl Scouts have to do with birth?

I was remarking to The Feminist Breeder yesterday that with all the certifications I'm already doing and all the ones I want to do in the future (not too distant, please), it's starting to feel a little like collecting Girl Scout Badges. (How I would love it if some crafty WAHM on etsy came up with placenta encapsulation badges, lactation educator badges, birth doula badges, and a sassy sash to boot!)

So, as I'm focusing on trying to blast through my Childbirth Education certification through CAPPA's distance program, you may have noticed a, shall we say, sluggishness to my posting of late. I have at least a dozen topics I'd like to get to, and absolutely plan on completing them in the future, but developing a solid curriculum and (gulp) lesson plans for each of my 7 (or 8) classes is taking up pretty close to all my available time at the moment. I'd like to be finished by August, so hopefully we'll resume a more normal operating schedule by then. I'll still be posting, just more leisurely-ly, as you've seen of late.

Off to ponder what kind of a catchy name I can give my class . . .

Side note: I went to catalog all my birth and breastfeeding and baby books, in order to give my students a list of my lending library. Turns out I have SEVENTY TITLES on my shelves! Whoa. And the crazy thing? . . . I need even more. Someone may have to stage an intervention.


  1. It would be so fun to have girl scout-type badges!

  2. Hello, my name is Brittany and I am 17 years old. I am passionate about birth, and it is something I would like to study more, I think I would like to become a childbirth educator. Is it possible to give me any info on where to start?

  3. Hey Brittany! I would definitely check out CAPPA's trainings. In particular, I think you'd be FANTASTIC for CAPPA's Teen Educator Program! Did you know there was such an awesome program? Well, there is! And it needs passionate young women just like you! Look here!

    In the meantime, get to reading! I can recommend a zillion practical, informational books - but before I even get into my favorites on that topic, I'm going to recommend you start with one of my two favorite memoirs of all time: "Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife" by Peggy Vincent. Tons of great birth stories, a fabulous glimpse into the life and evolution of a midwife, from hospital to home. Full of humor and so engagingly written. As for the others . . . actually, I think you've inspired my next post! So check back in a day or two (or, possibly three - I'm slogging my way through a heavy load at the moment, but it will happen)!

    I'd love it if you kept me in the loop about how everything's going for you, should you pursue this teen certification. And I'm so happy to know you're out there! Right on.

  4. Thank you =] I'll be sure to read that book! I'm a little nervous getting into all of this, but I just need to believe I can do it! Makes me want to do it all actually!

  5. I know what you mean regarding certifications..I finally just gave up including all the appreciations for certifications and just went with 3. It is abit like getting all those girl scout badge.