Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Movie: Fabulous instructional breastfeeding video!

RAVE. I was impressed with every single thing I saw in this preview/condensed version of Breast is Best (yes, it falls into the trap of the Breast is Best language conundrum, but I can forgive it here). I can't wait to see the entire thing - I'm definitely ordering if for my resource library.

Things I'm especially tickled about:

*The fact that this opens with a demonstrations of immediate skin-to-skin contact even with a cesarean, continuing on into no separation during the recovery period unless medically necessary (and in that instance, emphasizes how dad steps in as the skin-to-skin provider). I'm curious to know whether this is more common in Sweden, where this was filmed. I cannot understand why this is not the default in every case, as long as, again, there's no medical reason for either mom or baby to break away from it.

*They explain how cosleeping and breastfeeding both work together biologically and help to get mom more rest, and point out how to do so safely in very simple terms.

*There's a great short demonstration of achieving a good latch, complete with slow motion breakdown. I love that they show the PROCESS of baby learning - and eventually getting it, with patience from mom. (I would have liked a liiiiiiiiitle more explanation of asymmetrical latch, but I am nigh impossible to please completely).

*They even address tongue-tie, however briefly, which I was thrilled to see (even though they only show one type, an anterior one). They even show how the tongue is "clipped" - a simple procedure called a frenectomy (without which Lily would never have nursed). I think including this would be very reassuring and normalizing to concerned parents.

All this, and it's not even the full video! I can't wait to see the rest. If you're involved with birth or breastfeeding professionally, from any angle (childbirth ed, birth or postpartum doula, lactation consultant, midwife, anything), this could be an essential tool for your resource library.


  1. That was fantastic! Wish I could see the whole thing. The tone is so ... respectful and kind. I feel like a similar movie made in this country would feel much more "educational" - read, "you don't know how to do this so we'll tell you". Thanks for posting.

  2. I totally agree with JMT... I feel like if this was made here it would be SO different for the worse.

  3. I wish I would have seen this before my son was born. We had an emergency c/s and I think if my husband and I had seen this, he would have been doing skin to skin NICU. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Curious as to why they dry the baby before skin to skin

    My eldest was skin to skin with Daddy after an initial cuddle with me when I had PPH following her birth - she was calm, contented and most importantly it gave him something to do whilst I was helped

    I adore the co-sleeping bit and its focus on it being practical and loving - wonderful

  5. Beautiful video! The same company has another one called "Breastfeeding" ("Amming" in Norwegian) that has 23 short films with advice on different nursing things, like different latch positions, etc. That one's available in Norwegian and English. It's also a Norwegian company, so I think it was filmed in Norway, but the language is similar to Swedish.

    The videos (according to the price on the website) are about 199 Norwegian Krone, which is about 31 USD. That's a pretty good price--I think I'll have to order a couple of those, too!

    I think the Breast is Best video would actually be a good one to show to healthcare professionals, nurses, etc. Frequently, when you want to do something outside the "norm" with your birth, they deny you just because it's so different. It's like they can't wrap their heads around it. I remember asking my doctor repeatedly to let me hold my baby after my c/s (he was "too cold" but otherwise healthy) and being refused. I told him that my son would warm up faster on my chest, but he couldn't understand it. It seems to simple, but he just couldn't figure out how that would work. A video like this, showing the skin-to-skin contact, the co-sleeping, and the struggling that a newborn goes through to find the nipple, might be beneficial for the demonstration purposes.