Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kourtney Love

I am not much of a fan of celebreality shows, and never had any interest in the Kardashians one in particular (though I will confess to being reluctantly amused by the first "Rock of Love" towards the end of my pregnancy when I was growing increasingly immobilized). I'm also beyond irritated at the power and status currently given to privileged heiresses and other wealthy offspring. But today marks the third time I have been quite impressed by none other than Kourtney Kardashian.

First, she spoke out against the unrealistic image of postpartum mothers perpetuated by the tabloids, when her image was photoshopped on the cover of OK. See below for the reality vs. fantasy versions:

Major points to Kourtney for speaking out about it, and even correcting that, as WWD Media reported, she didn't gain 26 pounds, but 40.

Then, the Unnecesarean alerted me to the coverage of her birth as portrayed on the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" show. This was full of awesome for several reasons, including her relaxed demeanor upon her water breaking and throughout the subsequent early labor, but most amazingly, the public got to see a completely calm and composed Kourtney reaching down and pulling out her own baby.

You can watch the whole thing on Jezebel. The impact of such an image (standing in opposition to the hyperbolic panic, agony and chaos portrayed in both fictitious and "birth reality" shows like "A Baby Story") can be seen in the comments there, as woman after (presumably young) woman remarks that she had NO IDEA birth could be like that.

And today, Blacktating alerted me to a quote from Ms. K on nursing in public:
"If I have to feed him, I just whip it out. If I'm doing it in public and someone doesn't like it — don't look. I don't give a shit."
Apologies if anyone doesn't love the swearing, but to me the message more than makes up for it.

Kourtney, you've got me. I'm a fan. I don't care if you're privileged beyond comprehension, I don't care if most of your show is otherwise as vapid as they come. Like it or not, people, she IS a role model to a lot of young women, and though these might be small steps that aren't nearly as radical as we might personally choose or advocate for - these are small steps that can clock some major mileage.

Perhaps Paris Hilton will one day have a home lotus birth, complete with placenta encapsulation, will go on to model the finest in slings and mei tais, will breastfeed her intact child openly in the front row during fashion week, and eventually let her child wean whenever he/she likes, between 3 and 5 or so.

I can dream.


  1. I loved how she helped deliver him. I wish I knew to do that when I had mine. It was awesome. She was sooo cool. Of course, epidurals will do that for you. So I hear. They never worked for me. I went Rogue LOL

  2. "Perhaps Paris Hilton will one day have a home lotus birth, complete with placenta encapsulation..." LMAO I nearly spat my cup of tea out at the computer for laughing so much. Not at the thought of that in general (I'm all for it!!) but at the thought of Paris Hilton doing it. I think I'll be laughing all day at that one!

    I haven't seen Kourtney give birth yet, that episode hasn't screened in Australia yet (as far as I know) but I'm really looking forward to it after hearing lots of great reviews.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing! Small Steps!!!

  4. LOVE IT! I was so thrilled to see that she went into labor on her own and vaginally delivered that baby! I was so proud for her! And the fact that she is promoting nursing (and in public at that) makes me want to find her and hug her! YAY!

  5. Didnt know about this. Thanks so much for sharing. I am a HUGE new fan of this girl. That rocks. Why don't we hear about this in the normal news??