Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Movie: BAM! ("Birth in 3 Minutes")

Once again, contemplating use of technology in training.

For me, the question is, how much does this script change when there's a real human being (or two) involved?


  1. It sounded almost completely accurate to me; if anything, there's a lot more yelling at the mom to push (extremely high on my Least Favorite List).

  2. Wow, that seemed like a totally valuable lesson. "What'd you learn today?" "How to count to ten and hold a leg!" I know you can't see it live every time, but that seemed kind of pointless. PS-Love the domo arigato tag!

  3. This made me cry. After my daughter's birth I had to be transferred to a hospital for pph. The doctor and nurses treated me just like this doll. The doctor came up and just grabbed me with almost no regard for the fact I am a real person. He didn't even say, "hello" to me or warn me he was about to touch. I feel violated just watching this and remembering how I felt at the hospital. When can we go back to treating labor women with respect?

  4. Rebecca, yes, that shouting on mom's faces to purple push is probably the #1 thing (of many) that gets me shouting at the screen when I watch "Maternity Ward" and the like.


    The problem's plain to see
    Too much technology
    Machines to save our lives
    Machines, de-humanize . . .

    -- Kilroy

    Idyllic Youth, I am so, so sorry that this upset you, and even sorrier that you had such an experience. What a good reminder to us all to always keep the humanity and dignity of the people we care for in mind.