Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lifesaving devices

I have some other topics coming up, but since it's World Breastfeeding Week, I'm running with the theme. The folks in charge of WBW selected this theme for 2009: A Vital Emergency Response.

PhDinParenting wrote a characteristically great post on this and the Best for Babes "Beat the Booby Traps" campaign. I want to shout this particular quote from the rooftops: "Breastfeeding promotion is not about bashing formula feeding moms. It is about creating conditions that will help moms overcome the barriers to successful breastfeeding."

The campaign promotes three important facts:
  • 95% of breastfeeding problems can be easily avoided and corrected.*
  • Less than 5% of women aren’t physically capable of making enough milk.
  • Babies—and your boobs—are hard-wired for breastfeeding.

They then go on to spell out 9 prenatal and 8 postpartum "Booby Traps". It's really thorough, well-organized and easy to understand. Check it all out!

I also love these Best for Babes graphics:

The latter could be a motivational poster for strippers as well! Love it.

*As in, please DON'T be scared by stories like mine! We were extreeeeeemely unusual. I shared my story to help the small percentage of women who do have major obstacles to overcome. Most common obstacles, if any, are far more surmountable in both duration and difficulty. BE NOT AFRAID!

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