Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ICAN Webinar - attend right from your own desktop!

The intrepid Unnecessarean asked all of us birth folks to pass this along in whatever way we can. Happy to oblige!

On Monday, July 27th, 9 pm EDT, ICAN (the International Cesarean Awareness network) will host a webinar that you can attend from your computer. This 2 hour web seminar will cover:

  • Different kinds of care providers you can use, and the pros and cons of each
  • How to empower yourself to make educated choices during your pregnancy and during labor
  • What factors contribute to your chances of having an unnecessary or preventable cesarean
  • What is the "downward spiral of intervention"
  • Why avoiding an unnecessary cesarean is safest for you and your baby
  • When cesareans are truly necessary
This is NOT just for women seeking VBACs - this is cesarean prevention for everyone. This should be especially useful for moms without a local ICAN chapter around, or who can't get around easily. Anyone currently pregnant could only benefit from this. Thanks, ICAN.

Pass it on!

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