Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Movie: Whattock Childbirth? (GRAPHIC)

I admit I was drawn in just because of the name. "Buttock" childbirth? Quoi?

But it sure raises some thoughts about vaginal breech birth, eh? The practice here, from 1987, seems to go against the "hands-off" guidelines - toweling the baby off before the head has emerged, doing a little more manipulation than the ideal, mom being on her back - at least as far as my own understanding of the developing recommendations for reviving vaginal breech (if you're in Canada, at least). The "psychoanalgesia" aspect is interesting, too.

The bottom (har) line is that it went very smoothly indeed, baby is perfectly healthy, and mom seems quite happy with the whole experience, even though it doesn't quite fit with what we're learning are the best practices. This, to me, is quite reassuring, actually. What say you?


  1. As an L&D RN for 15 yrs in the USA (USA trained) and in Canada....I wouldn't be adverse to vaginal delivery of breech if it can be done safely. I have found that delivering on the side. squatting or all fours has always been more comfortable than on the back - for the moms.
    I also find that there are big differences between a delivery in a Western Canadian hospital and a Western USA hospital. The Canadian delivery is more relaxed with less intervention....the American -more monitored and more intervention. Even the OBs that I have worked with in Canada are more open to relaxed deliveries - different positions, not breaking down the bed unless intervention required....
    GPs allow for a lot more mobilization and EFM in Canada is kept to a minimum...use of a doppler per protocol is preferred.
    Outcomes of the deliveries are no different.
    I do prefer the "more contact/encouragement of the mom" and "less staring at a monitor at the desk" that is practised in Canada.