Tuesday, April 27, 2010

toLabor Doula Training, sponsored by yours truly!

Yes, right here in Erie! ERIE NEEDS DOULAS. I am both delighted and fortunate to be making this training available to women right here in town. The workshop takes place over the course of three days, from June 4-6.

ToLabor is the professional organization formerly known as ALACE, providing the same woman-centered training and certification which has exceeded national standards, bridging technical knowledge with a compassionate personal touch. So here's the scoop:

Is there a desire in you to:

• Help pregnant women and their families recognize what options there are in pregnancy, labor and birth?
• Provide evidence based information for the healthiest maternity care?
• Provide practical suggestions to help pregnant women relax during labor including physical and emotional support?
• Help a woman find her voice in order to advocate for herself and baby?
• Encourage an environment of calm within her team of care providers?
• Offer follow-up support in the postpartum period?

A toLabor Professional Birth Doula provides support for the pregnant woman and her partner, continuous care throughout the labor and birth to help them fully experience their birth.

The workshop includes: an introduction to physical assessments, adding an aspect of experiential learning unavailable in other training programs; these experiential exercises serve to enrich and empower all those who attend our workshops.

Tuition includes: the entire training and certification process, the training workshop, processing your work, the exam, the certificate itself, and activates membership. Before discounts, the total cost is $425. Payment plans are available. Enroll for the workshop 30 days in advance & receive a discount of $30. Past graduates of our training who are current members, may attend a workshop again for only $200. Previous doula training discounts are also available.

Erie PA Birth Doula training June 4 - 6, 2010
Contact Anne 860-922-6439 annetegtmeier[at]yahoo.com
www.tolabor.org 804-320-0607 tolabor[at]gmail.com


  1. I just came across your blog. I'm considering becoming a Doula, and figured I'd go straight with DONA certification since they're the only certifying organization in the NYC area. However, after seeing toLabor's approach, I just signed up for their upcoming class in Delaware. For the sake of knowing everyone's stance/approach, I'll consider taking the DONA workshop down the line. Since the requirements don't seem drastically different between the two, I may get certified by both organizations, if that's even possible. Thanks for sharing your experience.