Thursday, July 30, 2009

License to Nurse

On a regular basis, stories pop up in the news, on blogs and on message boards, about the latest mother asked to cover up or move to the bathroom or simply cease and desist breastfeeding her baby in a public area. Yeah, I know, it staggers the imagination that in 2009 this still happens, but it does. Anyway, the most recent incident that I know of was at an IKEA store in Brooklyn. I'd call for a massive nurse-in, since I could use some new shelving and maybe some glassware, it really does appear that this is not at all the policy of the company, just an isolated ignoramus of an employee.

But if you do find yourself faced with some busybody who's not familiar with your legal right to nurse anywhere you need, it would be handy to have one of these snazzy cards printed out. It breaks down the law state-by-state (and the overwhelming majority of states explicitly support your right to nurse ANYWHERE you have a right to be, period). So carry this in your wallet and flash it at any naysayers!

Pardon the crappy cameraphone shot, I just thought a visual would be nice.


  1. I did a homemade one like this. I printed out the CA law and carried it with my in my diaper bag. I never was confronted while breastfeeding, but I was ready if I had been!

  2. Honestly, I haven't been confronted yet either - though I started nursing in public on the veryverylate side, since it took us so long to get onto the breast due to some serious issues (which will undoubtedly be a future post).

    Just the other day on a plane, though, one of my seatmates offered me a folded blanket the second I started nursing, and because I was in dire need of a cushion, I was very grateful and exclaimed "THANKS!!" immediately, putting it under her upper body. It occurred to me a few minutes later that he probably meant for me to cover up.

    Oh well! I think my reaction was kind of unintentionally perfect.

  3. And that is a little out of date now. Mass passed pretty much the strongest law in the country in the spring. Women who have their BF interrupted can even seek $500 in damages!