Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday Fact: The Other White Meat*

Like how I titled that as if "Fun Friday Fact" was a real thing, like Wordless Wednesday or Meatless Monday? Nope, I just made it up, because I couldn't think of any other way to tell you this little tidbit. It has come to my attention that Cervadil, the prostaglandin insert used vaginally to ripen the cervix when inducing labor, is apparently derived from . . . pig semen**.

It sounds like something totally make-believe, like the kidney thieves urban legend, or a plot element on South Park, or a nickname for a Wack Packer on Howard Stern. But try as I might to discredit this, every source I've been able to find so far seems to confirm that Cervidil is indeed a porcine product.

I have nothing further to say. Aside to note that I hope the label specifies that it is decidedly not kosher. Please, if this is untrue, someone in the know, disabuse me of this notion.

*Title credit to Justine at State of the Heart Parenting
**There's a plethora of other links out there, but I include this one because it includes a sentence I never thought I'd read, "I'd much rather have my husband's semen inside of me, than a pig's."

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  1. Um yes, THAT. I heard all kinds of rumors about that when Cervidil was used to induce labor with my first child... I am still firmly in denial.