Thursday, November 5, 2009


I mused about this on Facebook and Twitter briefly, but thought I might as well ponder it further here. How cool would it be to have a huge, real-life Birth Blogger's Bonanza? Less of a conference, more of a festival. Birthstock, perhaps. Or a Gathering of the (Birth) Blogs. Birtharoo? Burning Woman? Labor Coachella? Anyway.

I'm relatively new to the scene, though. Has it been done? Just blogs, and only birth & related peri-natal issues? I'm not talking a big formal BlogHer-like event, I imagine more of a raucous potluck (though with people traveling, I know that's not literally possible).

I dunno. I just love the birth & baby blogs I follow, and their devoted mistresses, so much. I think it would be amazing to get to meet them in person. *fantasizes*


  1. I had a Birth & Babies Bed & Breakfast Business of Being Born get-together when the documentary first was made. I invited some of my closest friends from around the country (mostly IRL, but some I'd only met via blogs) and they stayed at my B&B and we hosted a screening of BOBB. It was a pretty small event but lots of fun...I'd love to do it again but of course we'd need to figure out a way to get enough $$$ to get us all in one place.

  2. A B&B B&B B o' BB? Oh, to have been there! (And you have a bed & breakfast? Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler . . . )

    Hmmm, fundraiser . . . perhaps we could sell some of the Unnecesarean's Aspen Women's Center photoshop contest winners, printed on t-shirts?

  3. I think Melodie from BreastfeedingMomsUnite and I were talking about this on Twitter. We were thinking more of a "Granola Moms" event of some type - like BlogHer (in that companies would actually pay attention) but unlike BlogHer in that it would be focused entirely on us crazy crunchy types.

    We need some really smart event planning mama to start putting this together.

  4. Whoa, really? Great minds think alike!!

    I would so step up to the plate, but my event planning to date has mostly consisted of throwing theme parties with wacky food and costume requirements. I AM sponsoring and coordinating a toLabor (formerly ALACE) birth doula training here in June, but that's not quite the same thing, or on the same level . . . I'll do what I can, but we need to get someone with a much bigger readership to get the ball rolling.

    No matter what, Gina, you know you're baking the cake.

  5. A Crunchy BlogHer?! SIGN ME UP, DOODS!
    Also, can i vote for hosting it in places where hotels aren't as much as the tickets... cos that would be nice. Also, i'd love to help and put some of my event planning experience in college to good use!

  6. Agreed on the prices!

    And you may live to regret that last statement, muahahaha! (Thanks!)